How To Lose Weight With Endometriosis?

women with endometriosis measuring bodyweight

Are you suffering from Endometriosis and looking to lose weight? You have come to the right place!

Follow our tips and you will be on your way to shedding those fats off your body.

Endometriosis Is A Real Struggle

For most people, trying to get in shape is much easier without the pains and discomfort associated with Endometriosis, and it also greatly limits the range of motion and exercises that I can perform.

I get discouraged when I cannot follow along with most YouTube workout videos that I resonate with. I also don’t have time to experiment with different exercises to find the ones that are suitable for my fat loss journey.

However, there are still many exercises that I can do that I would like to share with you. They are safe, and fun, and will get you results if you stay consistent, patient, and just trust the process.


To ensure you get in shape permanently, abide by these 3 core principles:

  1. exercise
  2. diet
  3. recovery

These are the fundamentals of any workout program which even bodybuilders abide by. If you are really serious about losing fat, respect these 3 principles.

1. Exercise

woman exercising in the gym

To get in shape faster, you have to exercise. Not all exercises are created equally, so exercises that raise your heartbeat or cardiovascular exercises should be your primary focus.

Exercising accounts for 20% of your fat loss results.

My approach is simple, as long as you sweat, it is a good workout. So here are the exercises you should perform (in no order of importance):

  • stationary walking
  • side to side walking
  • walking backward

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds between each exercise.

Now I get it you may be thinking walking alone will make me slimmer. The answer is it depends on the intensity. The faster your walking tempo the higher your heart rate is which burns more fat.

Here is another alternative that works amazingly well for me. It’s the “follow-along-with-videos” method. With this method, you do not need to use a timer to count the time you workout and rest between each exercise. Simply just follow along with a YouTube workout video that has the trainer keeping track of the workout and rest time.

Here is a great video for you to follow along.

Do not lift your legs like the people in the video do, just walk without lifting your legs to avoid straining and putting stress on your pelvic. You should not be doing any exercises that will put stress on your pelvic.

Do not walk too fast, just maintain a comfortable tempo. If at any point, you feel pain or discomfort, stop exercising, and consult a physician.

As long as you sweat after 20 minutes, you are good and done for the day.

Remember, staying slim, fit, and healthy is a journey that requires consistency, you can never go wrong by leveraging a 20-minute workout video.

Make sure you work out at least 4-5 days a week. Working out is not about the duration but the intensity of your work, quality over quantity. 20 minutes a day is enough to see results.

It’s always easier and more motivating to follow along with a video to workout especially when you dread it.

It’s like having your group of “virtual friends” working out with you whenever you play this video. I work along with videos and I have stayed consistent because of this method.

So when it’s time to work out, play this video on your phone and just follow along! No excuses!

2. Diet

healthy eating

One thing you should note is diet is 50% and training is just 20% of your fat loss results.

Diet is extremely important and you should not overlook it like most people. It is the #1 determining factor in fat loss. It doesn’t matter how hard you exercise if you eat unhealthily will cause fat gain. Nobody can out-train a bad diet.

Eating clean alone can help reduce fat gain but you have to stay in a calorie deficit. This means you eat less than your daily calorie intake. This is why most fasting techniques such as intermittent fasting work because they follow this principle of eating less.

However, in your case, I do not recommend you do any fasting. Just make sure you are eating clean, nutritious meals every day will do.

You can still get the same good-looking body you always dreamt of just by eating clean. You will be amazed by how good you look and feel when you achieve clean eating.

Most people in the gym sabotage themselves by training incredibly hard in the gym but falter to a bad diet.

A hot body is not made in the gym but outside of the gym. It’s what you put inside your mouth and having a proper recovery that shapes your body.

Get your dieting right and you are 50% there to your fat loss goals.

If you are not sure what to eat, make sure you are eating fewer carbs, more protein, and more vegetables for every meal. Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated too.

Do not count your calories, it will only drain you and keep you away from your fitness goals. I recommend you stick to the handful diet by

For people living in the USA, if you are a lazy person like I am who prefers someone taking care of my diet plans and doing the hard work, I recommend you check out BistroMD and try them out for at least 5 days.

They have gluten-free diets too. Their delicious, healthy, and nutritionally balanced fat loss meals are carefully designed by dieticians, cooked by chefs, and then delivered to your doorsteps.

Just state your preferences in your orders and they will customize it for you.

If you are the DIY type, I still recommend you try them out for at least 5 days, so you have an idea of what healthy meals should be like and use that as an example to create similar meals for yourself.

3. Recovery


Recovery accounts for 30% of your entire fat loss results. Make sure you are sleeping at least 8 hours a day and take at least 1 day off your training schedule. Your body recovers and builds muscles when you are sleeping.

So if you overtrain, you will lose momentum, become listless, and most likely put off your training. A day you don’t work out is a day wasted so make sure you don’t sabotage yourself because of lack of sleep and recovery.

Stretching your tensed muscles is also incredibly important to help your body recover much faster.

4. Tracking (Bonus)

This is where most people fail in their fitness journey. They fail to track their progress. Tracking helps you form a good habit of consistency in exercising.

By tracking how many workout sessions you did per week and your diet guarantees your fat loss success. If not you will see mediocre results which is what most people unfortunately get.

Tracking your fitness progress is very simple, just take out a pen and a notebook or better yet install an app on your phone that allows tracking.

I’m on Android, so I installed an app called “Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar” where I can check the days I work out which shows on my phone screen whenever I swipe left. Just find a similar app if you are using an iPhone.

calendar tracking

The purpose of calendar tracking is to allow yourself to have a visible anchor to not break the chain when you eventually have a row of ticks on the calendar, that way you maintain motivation to stay consistent in your goal activities.

You can use this calendar tracking for just about anything to help you form good habits. I use it for my business too!


Now that you have everything at your disposal to help you slim down, are you going to start or wait for the “perfect time” to begin?

I sincerely hope the information I presented above can positively change your life for the better.

Waste no time and begin exercising immediately to become fitter, healthier, and more attractive!

With the follow-along video as your guide, you get to stay in shape, Endometriosis, or not.

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